Applied science and engineering have created major avenues for
advancements in building and roadway construction, materials testing,
and project delivery methods. Beyond technological achievement, however,
three elements remain basic to the success of any construction project —
cost, quality, and schedule. All three elements are mutual, and all three must
be carefully executed to produce satisfying results.

Still, even the best-planned projects can encounter challenging obstacles,
often threatening the successful completion of a contract. The greater this
potential for unresolved issues, the more you need the services of someone
with a proven background in the complex nature of construction engineering.

Meglan, Meglan & Company, Limited brings more than 40 years of
professional experience to the forefront of dispute and claims resolution,
specializing in the risk management practices that are necessary in today's
construction marketplace to succeed. With this knowledge and training as its
cornerstone, the company provides clients the assurance that it will always
consider the best possible approach in representing their needs.
    Cornerstone Services
  • Professional mediators, arbitrators, and expert witnesses
  • Comprehensive construction claims management and preparation
  • Construction site safety, forensics, and insurance investigation
  • Project management training and contract scheduling
  • Affordable seminars on construction claims management and ADR
Construction Dispute Managers • Mediators & Arbitrators
Professional Engineers & Registered Land Surveyors
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    Featured Best Practices
  • Construction Claims Topics identify the sources and causes of
    construction claims to help prevent disputes or lessen their impact.
  • FAR Facts offer sound administrative advice if you are considering
    working with the federal government.